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Flat Sale ONLY For Today – Special Offer Save Upto $1077 + Free US Shipping + 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Benefits of Taking the SynoGut Supplement
- Optimizes the gut microbiome
- Promotes regular bowel movements
- Eliminates digestive distress
- Reduces the presence of inflammation in the gut
- Relieves digestive concerns that affect your social life
- Improves your mood and bolsters mental health
- Enhances nutrient absorption and your sense of fullness
Current estimates suggest that 20% of American adults suffer from chronic constipation


Synogut formula is a perfect blend of probiotics, prebiotics, fibres, and other nutrients that help in healing your digestive system and help you maintain it for the long term.
The formula used to make Synogut is one of a kind and will change your life for the better.
Each bottle of SynoGut contains 60 capsules. All you have to do is consume two capsules daily with your meals, and wait for it to do its magic.
It is for adults of all ages who have a weak digestive system. It is suggested that you take SynoGut regularly for at least two to three months to see the results. For most people, it takes two to three months to cleanse the system

What are the ingredients in Synogut supplement?
The SynoGut advanced formula is a unique combination of prebiotics, probiotics, laxatives, fibres, an
Psyllium (Husk): This ingredient is a well-known dietary fibre that promotes better digestion. 
Bentonite Clay: This ingredient acts as a detoxifier of bodily pollutants. It is a rich source of vitamins, calcium, minerals, iron, and amino acid
Black Walnut (Hull): Black walnut has been known for its ability to eliminate toxins and impurities fr
Oat (Bran): It is a well-known fact that oats are a rich source of fibre. 
Flaxseed(Seed): Flaxseed has been known for its fibre-rich content. It is often used in gluten-free food. This ingredient regulates daily bowel movement, thus making digestion better
Prune(Fruit): This ingredient has proven to improve bowel movement.
Aloe Vera(Leaf): This ingredient is well known for its ability to boost digestion. 
L. Acidophilus: This ingredient is a probiotic and increases the capacity of our body to digest food
Apple Pectin (Fruit): This ingredient is used as fibre in the supplement. It is rich in nutrients that help our bodies get rid of pollutants, as well as, get rid of constipation, and regulates blood sugar.
Glucomannan(Root): This ingredient is a rich source of fibre. .

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5.0 out of 5 stars These work!!
Reviewed in the United States on June 1, 2022
Verified Purchase
It took six weeks to control my IBS. unbelievable! The product states that you need to take it for at
least 30 days. I noticed a difference after only three weeks. Now six weeks later my stomach seldom bothers me and I can eat things that never agreed with me before. I’m very pleased to recommend this to anyone who has Gerd or IBS. The relief that I feel is awesome.
5.0 out of 5 stars Definitely helping my gut!
Reviewed in the United States on JULY 26, 2022
Verified Purchase
I've had IBS for awhile and I've tried many different things to try and help my stomach issues. Nothing ever worked. However, now that I've been using Synogut, my stomach IS getting better!
Rudy Floyd
5.0 out of 5 starsIt came on time
Reviewed in the United States on August 4, 2022
Only used it a few days, it has restored feeling in her toe. Really to early to really give a complete review.

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